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In order to meet the demands from our customers in the fastest and in accordance with the quality standards, our company has 40 tanks with a total volume of 1500 m3 chemical tanks in Istanbul - Tuzla Chemical Industrial Organized Industrial Zone, 1000 m2 closed area for barrel storage and coordination purposes and 4000 m2 open area capacity for handling drum and tanker shipment.

From our facility, we can distribute quantities of various sizes ranging from 1 drum up to 500 tons daily basis.

We supply our bulk petrochemicals delivery service with our own 4 chemical tankers of  22 tons capacity with ADR, 1 chemical tanker of 10 tons capacity with ADR, as all road tankers suitable for transportation of petrochemical & chemicals.

We distribute packaged chemicals delivery services such as drums and IBCs with our own 5 flatbed trucks with the capacity of 4 trucks as 40 drums and 1 truck as 26 drums.

All raw materials are delivered to Istanbul in the same day or within the following working day depending on the tonnage ordered. The quantities for the more distant cities are delivered to depot warehouses on the same day.

We also reflect the service we have given to the environment and the protection of nature that we live in.

We are paying attention to our storage facilities, tankers and dealers we deal with and environmental laws and regulations at the highest level.

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